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Team Members Spotlight: Rob Friedman

Rob Friedman is VP of Operations at Precision Science where he oversees production, shipping, and receiving at the company’s headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

Since joining Precision Science in 2011, Rob has experienced the growth and evolution of the company first-hand. As Precision Science has expanded from a single product line offering, Rob and his team members have developed their individual repertoires to master the production of multiple types of products from pellets and powders to soft chews and roll compaction. It requires dedication to staying ahead of the curve on new equipment and technologies.

Rob practices and fosters Lean Manufacturing processes within the organization. Together with other team members, Rob constantly seeks methods to eliminate waste, lower costs and make each task more efficient and easier on the individual operator. More efficient manufacturing translates to savings for customers.

In addition to his role at Precision Science, Rob has amassed a tremendous amount of experience and satisfaction as a youth sports coach. A former college athlete, Rob has taken the lessons he learned about discipline, punctuality and teamwork and passed them on to others.

For aspiring coaches and leaders, Rob preaches preparation, organization and participation,

“Make the most of your practice time, and get others involved in the process of coaching because you can’t do it effectively all by yourself.”

“I’ve told my son and all the kids I’ve coached over the years: I don’t care what sport you play, which instrument you pick up or how you choose to participate,” Rob noted. “Just get involved. All the lessons you learn from sports or music or art can help you be successful in school and in life.”

Every day Rob falls back on the lessons learned from playing and coaching team sports to be more effective at Precision Science.

Learn more about Rob and the entire team of experienced professionals at Precision Science.

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