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Team Members Spotlight: Gilbert Corral

Dedication and pride help Gilbert Corral find his path.

With every obstacle and challenge, we are faced with a new opportunity. While there’s no telling where our individual path will take us, hard work and perseverance usually guide us to the place we were meant to be. Such is the case with Gilbert Corral. For over 12 years, Gilbert worked at a plastics company in Phoenix. That company recently went out of business, and now Gilbert finds himself at Precision Science.

“I work on the manufacturing line. I plug and pack. I’ve been here for three months now.” In addition to taking great pride in his daily tasks, Gilbert is taking a long-view approach to his position at Precision Science.

On a daily basis, Gilbert makes a 50-mile drive to and from Precision Science’s headquarters in northwest Phoenix. “I have had offers from places within two miles of where I live, but I turned them all down.”

Gilbert’s commitment and persistence stem from a feeling of confidence in those around him.

“The people set this place apart. The way they treat people, the way they talk to people — it makes you want to come into work the next day.”

Despite having overcome hardships in his life, Gilbert remains grounded and disciplined. He attributes his work ethic to years spent studying, practicing and teaching the martial arts. Years ago, Gilbert lived in a boxing gym, trading lessons and performing odd jobs in exchange for a place to stay. The love of boxing, kickboxing and karate consumed him. Today, he provides self-defense lessons to children in his community.

“The most important part of teaching martial arts is building confidence in kids. It teaches to you cope with life easily. I tell the kids that I coach that they won’t get anything unless they work hard for it. They take those lessons from me, and I get to see caterpillars turn into butterflies.”

At Precision Science, Gilbert applies those same lessons, and his outlook is contagious.

“I smile all the time. It’s important to surround yourself with good company. This place reinforces my reason to have a good attitude.”

With an unwavering commitment to his work, his coworkers and his community, Gilbert is enjoying every moment on his current path. We get the feeling he is right where he is meant to be.

Learn more about Gilbert and the entire team of experienced professionals at Precision Science.

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