Founded. Precision Science begins manufacturing and supplying psyllium products to the equine customer.
First FDA drug approval. Receive FDA approval and augment staff with specialists experienced at FDA approved facilities.
Global growth. Develop new products, add staff with expertise in finished pharmaceutical and global certifications.
Soft chew introduction. Add equipment and expertise to formulate and produce premium Soft Chew products.
Capital expansion. Major capital expansion increasing capacity & raising the bar in all areas of manufacturing.
Additional manufacturing facility. Increase world class manufacturing & processing space to 100K sq.ft.
Capital expansion. Major capital expansion increasing capacity for soft chew and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Lab Expansion. Increase size and capabilities of in-house lab facility including additional expertise.
Focus on our vision to make our animals and the planet safe and healthy for all.


Your success is our success.

The story of Precision Science is one based on expertise, dependability, and partnership. Our team's spirit of innovation and collaboration has led to shared successes for us and our clients. Whether we're manufacturing custom formula animal pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals, every project Precision Science undertakes is ingrained with our core values:

  • Promote


    Honesty and fairness drives hard work and accountability.

  • People


    We focus on the success of our people through collaboration, support and respect.

  • Produce


    Dedicated and diligent to ensure every detail and standard is met.

  • Pursue


    Empowering people toward continuous improvement. Love of learning and creative thinking inspire innovation.

  • Practice


    Every minute, every day, in everything we do.

Making life better

Although we make world-class products for animals, we like to think we're in the people business. The professional, and often personal, relationships we share with our clients, vendors, and employees are built on trust and mutual respect. Many of our clients have been with us for years.

What starts as a one-time project often turns into long-term partnerships. Our ability to understand and learn our clients' particular needs allows us to offer solutions to a multitude of challenges and deliver products, price points and outcomes they have come to depend on.

The Precision Story is growing and unfolding every day.
Join us for the next chapter.