This bucket saved our client $0.36/piece.

Never stop innovating.

We streamlined production by implementing a more secure lid designed for machine installation. The pace of production increased and the savings realized were $0.36 per container.

Supplier negotiations reduced cost by 37%

Everything’s negotiable.

We negotiated a lower API cost by locking in an annual volume commitment with our supplier. The result was a 37% reduction in price for the customer.

Rolling forecasts ensure consistent supply chain

is key.

We work with our clients to develop a 12-month rolling forecast. Forecasting is critical with a high demand products and allows us to keep a safe supply of materials on hand, ensuring no supply chain interruptions.

Convenient in-house stability testing

We handle it. You save.

Our facilities are state-of-the-art. With in-house stability chambers we provide you with a one-stop shop, instead of using outside QC labs. It’s a big time and money-saver for our customers.

Our laboratory gives you control

We have your back.

We continually invest in our lab infrastructure, staying at the forefront of technology. It saves time and cost for our clients and gives them more control.

Combining delivery resources saved a client 27%

On-time, every time.

Our goal is on-time delivery at the best possible price, which is why we work with multiple trucking companies. Through research and negotiation, and combining resources, we saved a customer 27% per truckload on an ingredient.

Stacking pallets saved on delivery

The best solution is often the simplest.

Working with a customer, we determined specific products that could be double stacked to maximize trailer space. We went from 24 to 32 pallets per truckload increasing capacity by 33%.

The right equipment for the job

Great tools bring great results.

Two large paddle blenders have increased our batch efficiencies. The new equipment allowed us to increase a customer’s mix size by 166% resulting in big savings and faster turn times.