private label pet product manufacturing

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Private Label Pet Product Manufacturing

Companies that sell pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and nutritional supplements designed for pets and other animals have several production options to choose from, and it’s important to choose the best approach for each circumstance.

Do you have a unique idea that’s never been tried before? Do you simply want to put your brand-name on an existing formula? Do you want to reformulate one of your existing products into a new format, like a soft chew? Whether you decide to develop a new product from scratch, put your brand name on an existing product, or something in between, the right contract manufacturing partner can help you deliver products that are manufacturable, stable, and palatable.

Private Label Pet Product Manufacturing Advantages: Lower Costs and Faster Time to Market

A private label product contains the same formulation as other products, but it’s marketed under a different brand name. This is quite common for items like vitamins, pain relievers, and nutritional supplements made with the same ingredients. Other companies may sell the same product, but you distinguish yours through branding, packaging, price, size, sales outlets, and other factors.

Because there’s really no product development involved, a private label pet product manufacturing approach can get products to market quickly and deliver very high profit margins. Private labeling is a great way for companies to enter different categories and expand on existing product lines with minimal risk.

More than 30,000 new consumer products are launched
each year—and about 80 percent of them fail.
The Business Journals

Product Development Advantages: Quality Control and Innovation

If you have your own formulation and want total control of your product from inception to sale, contract manufacturing of pet products may be an appropriate alternative. A contract manufacturer can help with research and development, source ingredients, test and analyze stability and palatability, and even design your packaging and provide logistical services for effective distribution.

In the early development phase, your contract manufacturer will want to understand your goals, budget, and timing. Raw material requirements and packaging concepts will inform initial options and pricing. The process continues with the production of test batches for analysis and formula adjustments. Once the formula is finalized and certified for quality, packaging and branding are developed and commercial production begins.

From start to finish, creating a new product takes about a year. While the risk can be higher, the reward is great if you can successfully create and own a new market niche. 

Base Formulation Advantages: The Best of Both Worlds?

Using a base formulation as the start of a new product can be a third option that offers the speed and cost-effectiveness of private labeling and the control and exclusivity associated with introducing a new product.

Your product simply starts with a base formulation that’s already been tested. What makes it unique are the functional ingredients that are added in by you.

This option minimizes research and development costs, speeds time to market, and gives marketers ownership of the final formulation.  

Finding the Right Contract Manufacturer

Once you decide on the right direction — or maybe even more than one — you’ll want to find a contract manufacturer with a proven track record. You’ll also want to ask these questions before you decide who would be best to work with:

  1. Is the contract manufacturing facility FDA and EPA regulated?
  2. Does the facility follow certified good manufacturing practices (cGMP)?
  3. Are there minimum order requirements?
  4. Does the contract manufacturer offer turnkey services, such as package design?
  5. If the contract manufacturer sells its own private label products, is there a conflict of interest?

Naturally, when it comes to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and nutritional supplements for pets and other animals, we hope you’ll consider Precision Science for your contract manufacturing needs.

One of the key drivers for the 2019-23 global pet dietary supplements market will be the launch of high quality dietary supplements. Source: Technavio

For answers to your pet product contract manufacturing questions, explore our FAQs or call us at 623-492-9190 to see how you can benefit from working with us on your next private label, new product, or base formulation project.

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