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Palatable Soft Chew Contract Manufacturing for Companion Animals

Creating a soft chew product that is both palatable and profitable involves several key steps. Consider the following factors for your next soft chew project.

1. Formulation

The key to successful soft chew production is the ability to incorporate nutraceutical ingredients that can withstand the rigors of packaging, shipping and storage. Seek a contract manufacturing partner that can work as an extension of your team at every step.

2. Palatability

By utilizing natural and organic palatants and testing acceptance rates among both dogs and cats of various breeds and weights, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable soft chew product. Select a lab with experience in testing and analyzing data.

soft chew contract manufacturing: acceptance

3. Costing

Improve profitability and drive consistent revenue with an effective costing process. Accurately estimating the cost of soft chew production will be critical to your project. Review your options for materials to find cost efficiencies. Stay committed to rigorous forecasting processes.

soft chew contract manufacturing: bulk purchasing

4. Packaging

Seek out an extensive packaging service designed to meet the needs of the animal health industry as well as the requirements of the EPA and FDA. Read up on the latest and most creative developments for packaging and shipping to save costs in the areas of design, containment, protection and communication.

soft chew contract manufacturing: packaging improvements

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